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July 12, 2011

Georgia: GBI to use social media for Silver Alerts, Mattie’s Call

by silveralertbill

In Georgia, Silver Alerts are known as “Mattie’s Call.” And the Georgia Bureau Investigation will soon be using social media to help find missing seniors.

From the article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said Monday that emergency information will be available via social media beginning July 15.  The GBI currently releases alerts through the Georgia Association of Broadcasters, which informs the public through radio and television messages.

Adding social media to the mix will help spread the word more quickly to an increasingly mobile audience. “You’ve got situations where early notification [to] the public is critical,”  said John Bankhead, director of public affairs for the GBI.

A Levi’s Call, established in the late ’90s, alerts the public to child abductions. The last Levi’s Call was issued two weeks ago and, because of an alert on a highway sign, a trucker was able to identify the car with the child inside,  Bankhead said.

Other alerts will include Mattie’s Calls, which inform the public when an elderly or disabled person is missing and Kimberly’s Calls, which alert the public when violent criminals are at large.

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