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August 23, 2011

Florida Law Enforcement Praise Silver Alert

by silveralertbill

Although created by executive order in 2008, Florida enacted Silver Alert legislation this summer. Already the Silver Alert program is yielding positive results.

From the article in Florida Today:

More than 300 Silver Alerts — flashed on message boards on roadways if a vehicle is involved — have gone out in Florida since the system premiered in 2008. Silver Alerts were signed into law this summer. Through July, 86 Silver Alerts had been issued in 2011.Time is of the essence when an impaired older person is missing, said Lt. Alex Herrera, an investigative supervisor with Brevard County Sheriff’s Office.

“Our hope is that whenever we have an incident like this, anything that we can do to bring that person safely back into the family’s arms and a safe environment, that’s what we’re going to do,” he said.

Advocates for seniors — including the Brevard Alzheimer’s Foundation and the East Central Florida Memory Disorder Clinic — also praised Silver Alert:

The program backs up the need for getting people with Alzheimer’s disease off the road as drivers, said Janet Steiner, director of education and information for the Brevard Alzheimer’s Foundation.

“Too many times Alzheimer’s is only thought of as memory impairment or disorientation,” she said. “It’s a lot more than that. It’s affecting all the sensory systems because it’s a neurological disease. It affects eyesight, peripheral vision and depth perception . . . all of these things. It’s invading their lives, a little at a time.”

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