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May 31, 2018

Arizona Family Offers Thanks For Silver Alert Program

by silveralertbill

In response to a recent successful Silver Alert across state lines, the family of a missing Arizona man has written a letter to the local newspaper expressing gratitude for the Silver Alert program.

On May 15, 2018, Arizona State Police issued a Silver Alert for 75-year-old Don Stombres. Stombres went missing in Scottsdale, Arizona and was found 400 miles away in Burbank, California.

From the oped in the Scottsdale Independent:

On the evening of May 15, Don found a spare set of keys and made a decision to surprise his wife by picking up dinner for her when she returned from an evening meeting. And so, began Don’s interstate adventure.

Thanks to the city of Scottsdale and the amazing resources of the Arizona Silver Alert System, our beloved Don was found in Burbank, Calif. and brought safely home. The Scottsdale Police Department responded to the first call from my sister in less than 10 minutes.

This letter is to share not only our experience but our gratitude to the public service agencies involved and to testify that the Arizona Silver Alert System is a model program which should be implemented nationwide.

When citizens invest in public service, they are served. When we stop serving our nation’s neediest- our elderly and our children- we lose sight of what we should value as a society.

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