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June 8, 2018

Rhode Island Police Dog Finds Missing Senior

by silveralertbill

The American Silver Alert Coalition has tracked the safe recovery of missing seniors for nearly 10 years, but this story still surprised us.

On Sunday, June 3, 2018, 76-year-old Richard Cote went missing in North Providence, Rhode Island. But he was later found safe, thanks to the efforts of Trooper Charles Bergeron of the Rhode Island State Police and his K-9, Zeus.

According to the story in the Providence Journal:

On this search Monday morning, Zeus zigged and zagged through high brush, Bergeron recalls.

The dog drifted off to the left with his nose up, he says. Then, he drifted to the right.

Then, he picked up the pace, moving his paws more quickly, nostrils flaring. Finally, from a distance, the 49-year-old trooper saw Zeus sit down next to something that was bright red. Bergeron remembered that Cote’s wife had said her husband was wearing a red bathrobe.

He wasn’t certain at first if the man was alive. Cote was face down. Bergeron turned him over.

“As soon as I turned him on his shoulder,” the trooper recalls, “He was breathing.”

So this is how Zeus saved a life. And Cote, disoriented and suffering from hypothermia, numerous cuts and bruises, was taken to Fatima Hospital where he was expected to recover from his ordeal in the woods.

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