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August 10, 2018

North Dakota Missing Person Prompts Debate on Silver Alert in Tribal Jurisdictions

by silveralertbill

According to the Bismarck Tribune, the disappearance and death of Olivia Lone Bear prompted an examination of the circumstances of Silver Alerts as applied to tribal jurisdictions.

Lone Bear went missing from the the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation in October 2017. Her body was found in a pickup truck submerged beneath Lake Sakakawea in August 2018. Because of the limited resources of law enforcement, much of the search for Lone Bear was organized by her family and relied on volunteers. Not everyone who offered to help was useful and it resulted in some conflicting reports. Lone Bear’s brother, Matthew, who was at the forefront of search efforts, said the family hopes to develop a comprehensive protocol for tribes to use in missing person cases.

Scott Davis, executive director of the North Dakota Indian Affairs Commission, said his office plans to discuss drafting missing persons guidelines for tribes and other ways to improve searches, such as expanding the state’s Silver Alert program. “The biggest thing for Indian Country is that … there is not a template out there to follow,” Davis said. “I think we recognize that and we’re trying to craft a template, if you will, for missing persons.”

Davis said his office was asked by Three Affiliated Tribes Police to assist in the search for Olivia Lone Bear. His office helped coordinate bi-weekly conference calls with the various federal, state and tribal entities involved. “It was a multi-agency effort, make no doubt,” Davis said.

The case proved there is a need for a better protocol to help tribes with missing persons searches. In a couple weeks, Davis said his office will “debrief” with tribal leadership to determine what can be improved.

“We had to debrief on this stuff: What did we do well, what didn’t we do well, what resources did we have, what resources do we need, is there a policy that prevented us from doing something?” he said.

He said he would also like to look at ways to expand the state’s Silver Alert Notification system. Currently, Silver Alerts only cover elderly and vulnerable adults and minors with developmental disabilities who have been reported missing to law enforcement. Davis said he hopes it could used for all missing persons, on and off-reservation.

If some type of alert had been issued in Olivia Lone Bear’s case, Davis said he believes the outcome may have been different.

Read more about this case in the Bismarck Tribune.

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