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August 6, 2019

Senator Mark Warner Meets with Justice Department on Ashanti Alert

by silveralertbill

After repeated efforts to prompt action, Senator Mark Warner met with Principal Deputy Attorney General Katherine Sullivan on July 29 to discuss implementation of the Ashanti Alert Act of 2018.

Following the meeting, Senator Warner followed up with a letter to memorialize the meeting.

“As I stated during our conversation, I remain strongly committed to monitoring its implementation and ensuring that the network can start saving lives soon. It was heartening to hear that as designated national coordinator, you are committed to swiftly implementing this potentially lifesaving system by working in collaboration with states to ensure that Ashanti Alert systems are established across the country with proper network guidelines,” wrote Sen. Warner.

Warner also contrasted the slow federal response with success in implementing a state-level system to find missing adults. “Last year, Virginia successfully established its own Ashanti Alert system in only three months. Since then, the Commonwealth has sent out a number of alerts, some of which have helped find missing or endangered adults alive in under 24 hours. As we discussed, I believe that the officials in Virginia could provide valuable guidance to you and other states, so I urge you to seek out their guidance regarding this matter,” wrote Sen. Warner.

In March, Warner wrote to Attorney General William Barr, seeking an update on implementation of Ashanti Alert within the U.S. Department of Justice.

In early April, Warner urged the Senate Appropriations Committee to fully fund the Ashanti Alert program in order to speed its creation and implementation.

In late April, Warner met with the family of Ashanti Billie in Norfolk and urged the Trump administration to take expedited action on the implementation of Ashanti Alert.

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